Welcome to Saturday Church Community

A safe community space for brothers and sisters allegiant to King Jesus

About Our Community

We bring together believers in Jesus who are seeking a community to explore their faith without religious harassment 

to learn more about faith, share our stories, encourage others, join discussions, engage in studies, participate in events, and grow together

So that we can reframe our mindset to be comfortable in our own faith, not feel threatened by others who disagree, and belong to a faith community that accepts us fully.

Discover a community where curiosity thrives;
where we can grow together toward
a Christ-centered community

Should I Join?

  • Are you struggling with your faith?
  • Do you want to explore the Bible with others but are sick of being bullied by others when you come to conclusions that differ from popular beliefs?
  • Are you seeking a safe place to ask questions without mockery or condemnation?
  • Do you feel you've lost your identity and want to find a new community to connect with to join in a journey of discovery?
  • Are you curious about the variety of ways that Scripture can be interpreted and applied?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, Saturday Church Community is the place for you!

Who Should Not Join:

  • Those who believe they have everything figured out and have no interest in learning from others
  • Those who believe they have discovered the "truth" and now must convict everyone else of this "truth."
  • Those who are looking for a place to debate others' beliefs
  • Those who feel the need to condemn others or others' practices as "pagan."

What to Expect

A community hub where everyone can create social media-style postings

Community chat and personal chat with other members

Bible study spaces facilitated by respected content creators

Topical discussion spaces

Community spaces for pastors, women-only, men-only, local church congregations, and more

Online events (conferences, live Zoom meetings, etc)

Free and premium courses (coming soon)

Free iOS and Android app with the ability to enable notifications